One more sneak peek

Hey folks…

Don’t worry, the NEXT blog post will reveal the identity of our Argentinian “guitar monster” friend…

For now, here’s a short movie of my friend and fellow guitar teacher , Virtuwul, in the hotel lobby in La Plata, Argentina,  giving his opinion about this guitar player.

At the end,  you’ll see some more amazing licks.  Check it out!


Bringing You Guitar Secrets From the Far Ends of the Globe

hey Guitarists! 🙂

Claude Johnson here with a very exciting bit of news.
I’ve been “traveling to the far ends of the earth” to
find the hottest guitarists, and coolest techniques
and shortcuts to help you become a better player.

So, this past June I flew down to Argentina to learn
from (and film) one of the hottest unknown
virtuoso electric guitarists on the planet.

I even brought my mini-cam and got some “on the road”
footage.  Here’s a 30 second clip that I think you’ll
enjoy watching.

Stay tuned for some killer virtuoso guitar secrets!

Claude Johnson