About Silvio Gazquez


I was born in Lincoln, Argentina in 1978. At the age of 14, I begin to study guitar in a local conservatory. At 18 years old I moved to La Plata to study classical guitar at Bellas artes university which I left 3 years later. Then I chose to study electric guitar for my own.

I played in several bands like Rachel(power metal), Theatrics(heavy prog), Echoes(tribute to Pink Floyd) and many others… and my most important project: Dr Fausto (instrumental music).

In 2004 I achieved the 3rd place in the George Bellas┬┤s contest, the same year I was named for the good work in the Kiko loureiro┬┤s contest too.

The year 2008 came with a lot of great news, first of all I was choosen as a finalist for the Guitar Idol 2008 contest, but I couldn’t make the trip. Anyway I was invited to participate in the GI 2008 album.

The other good news is that I shot an instructional DVD for an American company called Guitar Control. The DVD is available by clicking here.

Now I am going to colaborate with a pianist called Miguel Garcia from Spain in his first album.

On november 14th, the GUITAR IDOL 2008 album was released.

In Feb/March 2009 I won the Petruccifever contest.