Is Personal Coaching from Silvio Included in This Package?

Hey guitar friends,

I know a lot of you can’t wait to order this package on Tuesday.  Well, I have good news.  Silvio has agreed to be your personal guitar coach , BUT… Only for the people who order during our ‘prelaunch’, and we may have to take the offer off the table if we get TOO many orders too fast.

We love to ask Silvio questions.

Here’s a small clip where Virtuwul and I are interviewing Silvio about the song he just played, called “Anatomy”.

For the first bunch of people to order, we’ll have a private community where Silvio will answer ALL of YOUR questions, so we’re going to make sure you personally get major benefits from this course.

Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned because the doors open on Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “Is Personal Coaching from Silvio Included in This Package?”

  1. that was great and he makes it look very easy a? his fingers just al over the place with ease thanks bro for that short clip, brother from Australia down under ha ha!


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