Another Intense Song from Silvio

Hey friends,

Here’s another cool song called “Fight Training”… Silvio tells me its a Greg Howe-inspired tune.  It’s pretty intense!

On the Virtuoso Guitar Secrets DVDs, we go over many of Silvio’s songs in great depth and analysis.  I’ll be posting a sample of that section tomorrow… For now, enjoy watching this:

Claude Johnson

7 thoughts on “Another Intense Song from Silvio”

  1. First of all,I just wanna say for the record,Silvio,my hat’s off to you hombre!!You are a true gunslinger!!Magnifico!!Me nombre est Don Allejandro.The pick attack,phrasing technique,legato runs,sweeps and arpeggio
    runs,changes,and turn-a-rounds are outstanding.I’ve been also catching this cat on the You Tube,and I’m gonna be honest…if there are guys like this out there playing….all I can say is “WOW!What crossroads did he go to?”I’m a bluesman by trade,been playing rhythm guitar,slide(bottleneck),a little bass,and harmonica for some 25 years and the few lead runs I know(mainly pentatonics,and a few other circle of fifths,and so forth,Idon’t even come close.I’ve been pretty much self-taught.No formal classical or some kind of piano or private instruction.It just makes me want to quit playing knowing there is some kind of virtuoso musician who can REALLY play,and what I mean is someone who has been living,sleeping,breathing and eating guitar like this man does.Talent is truly a gift and Silvio my brother,you are one extremely talented dude!NEVER waste talent.Good luck to you,amigo.Rock on,my brother.Via con Dios.

    Sandor M.

  2. i will play like you someday soon.i picked up my guitar some 8 months ago and i am progressing quickly but i’m stuck in a rut.your vids are an inspriration to me and many other beginners.thanx for the encouragement.

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