Shred Like Silvio Gazquez, Ritchie Kotzen, Yngwie, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Gilbert!

Hello again my guitar friends,

First of all, mark your calendars for Tuesday the 30th, at noon EST.  That’s when Virtuoso Guitar Secrets will be available.  We’ll have some very special offers, prices, and incentives to order, so stay tuned for the details.

One of the coolest parts of this DVD series is that Silvio not only shows his own amazing style and licks, but he also “decodes” the shred styles of Ritchie Kotzen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Gilbert.

So you’ll be learning 5 shred styles for the price of 1 🙂

It’s all very cool…

Here’s a sample clip from Virtuoso Guitar Secrets where Silvio is teaching us to play like Paul Gilbert.

Remember, this is just a tiny sample… Virtuso Guitar Secrets has over 4 hours of jam-packed lessons for you.

Enjoy! – Claude

24 thoughts on “Shred Like Silvio Gazquez, Ritchie Kotzen, Yngwie, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Gilbert!”

  1. I could only pray to ever be able to play like this or you Claude, I’am beginning to think I am to old to learn this but I am going to keep trying as soon as I feel beter from surgery Thanks

  2. Hey Don .Dont be discouraged.Im 62 and play every day.Dont worry about sounding like someone else. have fun ,pick up little bits and pieces of what you like to hear ,pratice every day,but dont beat yourself to death ,you have to enjoy what your doing. over time youll develope your own style.who knows,maybe someday someone will say “gosh’ I could only pray to ever be able to play like Don. It can happen. hang In there……

  3. HI Don,

    thanks for posting on the blog… if this course looks too advanced, you might want to check out Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple ( or Killer Guitar Control Secrets (

    Thanks, CJ

  4. My sentiments are exactly as those expressed by what #9 DON, and #11 HUFFASHER say! I’m 63 and still practicing, and will Never!! Stop! if you are not practicing at least a minimum of 30 minutes a day your not totally committed. Cluade you are openning up new doors to us misicians keep it up!!!
    Thanks for all your inspiration, Graham

  5. Very cool riffs indeed. I believe that is his finger sliding from the
    15th to 19th fret. Correct me if I’m wrong. I ordered The Fusion DVD’s a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t received them as of yet. That is alttle more
    my style. A lot of theory involved, which I like. But anyway, keep up the great work Claude.

  6. Very cool Silvio. I’m a rock/blues player, but I think I’m going to get your DVD’s. I worked out the example of Paul Gilbert style riff. I can play it, but I have open strings ringing out as I’m pulling off. Any muting

  7. thanks Bruce, it´s a bit difficult to explain it from here. Uoy have to mute strings with both hands, with the palm of the right hand and with some fingers of the left. Silvio.

  8. wow, that was a sick lick. i’ve heard millions of arpeggios, but the tone and clarity of this one really speaks out to me. good jos Silvio, i’m looking forward to more of your work.

  9. Yeah sounds great. However, yesterday, I fell down the stairs whilst holding my guitar and made sounds very similar to these so I’ve decided to hold on to my money and just fall down the stairs whenever I want to play some ‘killer’ licks.

    Yours, Paul

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