Here’s More Fun “On the Road” Footage from Argentina

Hey guys and gals…

More lessons coming soon, don’t worry.  Tonight I just wanted to post 2 more cool “behind the scenes”, “on the road” videos for you, so you can get more of the “vibe” of us going down to Argentina to film Silvio.

The first one starts pretty much when we meet Silvio at the hotel… And then we are hanging out with Silvio in his appartment… And he’s showing me some string-skipping, tapping pentatonic ideas, which I start to work into my bag of tricks, he he 🙂

The second video is like an “MTV style” mini-montage… Its got some hot soloing just from Silvio in his appartment and a cool clip of Virtuwul and Silvio behind the scenes at the photo shoot.

Enjoy! – Claude

3 thoughts on “Here’s More Fun “On the Road” Footage from Argentina”

  1. Hey Claude, thanks! ever since I received your packaged and have been practicing, everyone has been saying thet my guitar playing has greatly improved! Also, this guy is amazing!!! I love this shit!!!

  2. I greatly appreciate the rather happy and satisfied attitude that you and Virtual display–the smiles do work well. I’m very tired of the pompous and arrogant dispositions of a lot of guys like yourself. You’ve got a good thing going and you should be proud of it. Thanks.

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