Introducing our “guitar monster” friend

Hey all my guitar friends! Hope you are doing well.

We guitarists sure can be critical and opinionated, can’t we? 🙂 Especially when it comes
to our favorite players and who deserves to be called a “virtuoso”… But let me introduce  a guy
who I think really “has the goods”.  His name is Silvio Gazquez,  and he’s from La Plata, Argentina…

But it’s not just me who thinks he’s a virtuoso! Silvio is a finalist in the
guitar Idol 2008 contest, chosen from thousands of entries!   In their words:

“A true Guitar monster along the lines of Shawn Lane, Todd Duane and similar:
unbelievable technique and genuinely different, and with his effortless command
of the instrument this guys time in the guitar limelight is surely guaranteed…”

Not only is he an amazing player, but Silvio is a great songwriter too.

Here’s a video of him playing one of his songs:

Anyway, we thought Silvio was so good  that we
decided to fly down to Argentina to make a video with him.

So, you can officially get excited now… Because we are going to have
Silvio share his amazing technique and guitar approach
with YOU!

Next week, we’ll be uploading sample clips and lessons from our hot new
DVD series called “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets”, and you can start getting some
of these monster licks and techniques under your fingers.

Stay tuned… Claude

73 thoughts on “Introducing our “guitar monster” friend”

  1. Now that’s more like it! I would like to know his practice aproach to scales and harmonics. He is truly the real deal. Whether your into shred or feel like myself.

  2. Wonderful melody,really! Congratulations to you, Silvio, and to you, my email-friend Claude for discovering him!

    Among the plethora of praise I can heap on Silvio’s playing, what truly struck me as unique was the sheer effortlessness, the facility of his playing. It’s the hallmark of all great talent in any art, and especially instrument-skills in music, I think. Kudos to you , Silvio – and yes, I actually liked your composition, too. “Catharis” really rocks, in the truest sense of the word!

  3. I think the guy is terriffic and if I can ever play just a little bit as well as he can when I can finally play I will feel gifted. However, I am 66 years old and just in my second year of lessons. I really do not plan on getting into a lot of hard to do music. I will stay to the country, rock and roll, and some jaz but mostly just country.

    The guy is great though.

  4. Nice !
    But, I can’t believe he’s getting that sound out of a Telecaster ! LOL It doesn’t even have a humbucking pick-up, but, it sounds great !! I’d like to see more about how he does his arpeggios.

  5. Now this guy has what it takes, I’m new to the hole guitar thing, and working on getting my fingers to move like that on the frets. Nice work guys, keep it up.

  6. The man is good, of that there is no doubt. But the sound track needs a bit of work, like in toning down the what should be back ground, or supporting music. I could barely hear him at times. The organ or piano or what ever it was almost drowns him out through out the whole song, it was more annoying than anything, hes doing a great run and it’s swelling up right over the top of him. Playing lead, playing the solo part, means standing out, being the featured instrument part, when that part comes the rest of the instruments should retire into the background. I’m guessing it was a canned track he played to so the fault lies with the engineer doing the mixing.
    So what’s this guys story? Is he famous in his country? Must be special that made you fly that far to meet him.

  7. I was expecting just another soul-less shredder, but he plays very tasty lines to boot. Great tone from a Tele. As mentioned above, I hope that’s not a final mix. Scoop some mids out of the backing tracks to help the guitar cut through!

  8. Wow, he is terrific. I hope to be that good some day. Thank you Claude and Silvio for your inspiration. He sounds very good, but for some reason, i do not know what it is, but it did not look like he was really playing that music… I mean the sound did not seem to match what his fingers were doing. I do not know, it may have just been me. But he was really good.

  9. Yeah, if I become a fraction of the guitarist this guy is I will be very happy, I shouldn’t have waited 44 years to start…. I better get at it.

  10. I’m not sure where to begin. This person plays with with more feeling than you can shake a stick at!! He reminds me of a great giutar playing friend of mine who once said “I” was the Only person who could make him play with so much felling.Silvio is unbelievable! A master of the neck And Will be noticed by the world esp. He does play with feeling…most important.I could watch him play for hours!. Best of Luck to you Sylvio, you won’t need any luck with all that talent! bye for now Ron.

  11. Ok My last comment from what we saw was that he was just ok. I hate to eat crow but eat it I must the guy is very good. He plays very well. Good job in finding him

  12. hey thanks for the all the positive comments so far… I’m so glad you’re enjoying Silvio as much as me.

    Just to respond to a few of your questions – Greggi’m not sure about the mixing on this particular video, although we did mix down Virtuoso Guitar Secrets.

    As far as Silvio’s “story”, he is not “famous” in Argentina, although he does play with his band there.

    His goal is to get a record deal and hopefully GuitarControl
    can give him a little more exposure and marketing. And if he
    doesn’t get snatched up soon by a major label, we’ll probably
    get him into the studio oursevles to do an album. He also
    wants to do a US tour if possible 🙂 What do you guys think?

  13. The album idea sounds great. Apparently he have some good stuff to give, and with a litlle help, he should be on the way.

  14. You are a very good play but rember One Love, One Heart Lets get together and feel all right As it was in the Begining, One Love So Shall it be in the End, One Heart give thanks and Praise to the Lord And I will fell aright.

  15. I have to say this young fellow knows his way up, down and all aroung that neck. It would be interesting to see him jam…..It would be great to hear him play a nice Les Paul.


  16. Do you have a three or five hour video of this guy playing?? I could just sit and watch him mesmerized for that long. Awfully hard on a guy just learning to play, though!!

  17. That whats its all about! Know youe stuff, make music, teach and insprie others to excell. He is obviously a master of the fretboard. Keep on.

  18. While he difinetly has talent, I wouldn’t pigeon hole him as the next Satriani or Van Halen. THat’s what they did with Aldo Nova and he now is in seclusion as a producer. I am amazed by his skill but let him be Silvio, not a Satch clone.

  19. Claude…he’s good, but he’s not a “Monster” (yet). He’s laying boxes of scales on top of (what’s the melody again?). We all start with scales and chord-progressions, don’t we? I’d like to hear more “composition”…not just “execution”. Know what I mean?

  20. This guy is unbelievably tasty. Not only does he have an amazing technique, but he knows how to place it in the track and enhance the music as opposed to simply noodling. Very, very good guitarist!

  21. you know.. its about time that a fellow paisan gets recognized for his talents. wow i am really happy that an argentine is as good as he can be. really… not only is he awesome he’s awesomely representing. way to go silivio!!! sos el mejor. De diez. como maradona. tene la mano de Dios. Sequi tocando locasoooo!!!!

  22. This guy is good at what he does, if you like that style. I don’t happen to be one of those folks. I would rather see some tasty, well placed Blues or Jazz licks with feeling along the lines of Charlie Christian or Lightnin Hopkins instead of just playing in a style that is FAST and in KEY but lacks feeling or clean articulation on the guitar. IMHO

  23. No doubt Silvo is accomplished but have you heard of Bireli Lagrene? Check out his MySpace page and see hime on YouTube (minor swing). Another guitar hero of mine is David Bromberg also on Youtube (David Bromberg – Demon in Disguise). Also be sure the see legend chet atkins (Stars And Stripes Forever)….so many masters….

  24. hi john!
    nice to discover a “youngster” with excellent technique and, above all, a good sense for melody and harmony. i hope to hear from him soon on cd!

  25. Sounds a lot like Eric Johnson. Notice how effortlesly he switches from thumb-over-the-neck to thumb-behind-the-neck. I also like the chromatic way he uses that “D” form. I know lots of guitar players, especially young ones, leave that out of their arsenal.

  26. hey Larry, are you kidding man? yuo are comparing me with Lagrene… man that´s is another level, I mean there´s only one Lagrene. one Mozart, stop comparing people, I just play music or I try to play my music …!

  27. Awesome ! Exccelent ! Excemmporary ! What every guitarist strives for . (Excuse spelling mistakes , if any , I can’t read black text on a black screen !) Please send more stuff like this. Thanks

  28. the vato is very dam good,its sad our world cant settle its affairs with
    music.what a nice place to live in,anyway the homie is very good.I enjoy
    his style of playing dude should go on tour and do his dream, or just enjoy the music of playing.I also play the guitsr and have a style of my
    own.As long as music is my high and the guitar is my toy, Rock on SILVIO

  29. No doubt, this guy can play. However, it’s his compositional skills that really impress me. Does he have an album in his country?

  30. why don’t you try to play with your band or something more big. That will make you legend…but ultimate solo …play buddy until fingers bleed..keep the spirit …:)

  31. This is not rock and roll. This means nothing to me, it’s just some kid who has been practising non stop for 3 or 4 years. What about cultural refernces? What about stylle/emotion and street credibiltiy. We are presented by this guitar gymnast as if this is all what music is about, the parts, the techinical repetition, the reguratation of meaningless notes glued together on a conveyor belt. Sorry to be so negative, nice licks.

  32. Well done Silvio atruly up and coming musician enjoyable to watch and enjoyable to listen too!!! Nice to see more young blood coming onto stage!

  33. This Guy’s good, seem’s like he has practised a lot. My Congratulations to him.
    Would like to say, the melody is not very harmonous, he should give it a better tempo, Play Riffs, & Scales a little slower, that should add harmony to the tune.

  34. “Welcome to the jungle” Silvio. Your style reminds me of Carlos Santana and Eric Johnson. And I mean that as a compliment not a comparison bato/dude. Your style, to me, is your own and has your heart and soul. God bless and greetings from a friend in Texas. Rock and Roll Warrior (Guerrero) for ever.

  35. Well. there is no doubt that Silvio is truly proficient in his technique. Flawless is a word that comes to mind, but he only exposes the true soul of his ability when he slows it down and emphasizes the ends of his runs. From the stand point that you are attempting to use his incredible abilities to help us guitar players reach new zenith’s, I applaud you. In the immortal words of BB King, as the Edge of U2 once credited as saying first, “Notes are expensive and I am a little bit broke”. Let’s see Silvio share some of the soul of the guitarist too. We can all play at this point and although speed and dexterity are important at times, they are not the true measure of what crown’s one as the world’s greatest, just the world’s fastest.
    Now come on Silvio, show us some real emotion and make that Tele cry.

  36. hey Simon, I can appreciate your comment. You’re right – this is not “rock and roll”…This is really like “modern instrumental rock”, which is quite different than classic rock.

    As far as historical references, Silvio really goes deep on this video in discussing and teaching the best things he learned from his influences…(see the next blog post)…

    As far as teaching the emotion and feel…Well, honestly the best course for learning that is Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

  37. Being a bass player gives me a different take on this track – all he needs now is a band with some soul instead of the soulless midi tracks backing him and he’ll be a big hit in the U.S. and elsewhere.

  38. Holy Crap he is wringin that tele’s neck.I hate him already.ive been playing for 20 years and cant play anything like that dude.He scares me,which is a great thing

  39. What a turn on !! I don’t think of him as a Satch clone. Too bad the sound quality was low; the background music was preventing clear hearing of his riffs. Also, I can hardly see the letters in this blog box. Can you make the background white to contrast the type?

  40. This mean is really a virtuoso. You can tell how his brain is controlling every move to the perfection. But I am not really into elctrical guitars. I am into classical guitars. Nevertheless, the man is out of any clasification.


  41. hey guys, thanks all for all the great comments, you all are right, the backing track is pretty bad, that vid was shot like 2 years ago, I was starting to handle the midi programs, now I have more sophisticates tools for writing music… Silvio G.

  42. Smokin’ and Smilin’…Yah, the guy is sick!!!Awesome job. The more I listen, the more I smile. I’m gonna keep tryin to get better!

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