Introducing our “guitar monster” friend

Hey all my guitar friends! Hope you are doing well.

We guitarists sure can be critical and opinionated, can’t we? ūüôā Especially when it comes
to our favorite players and who deserves to be called a “virtuoso”… But let me introduce¬† a guy
who I think really “has the goods”.¬† His name is Silvio Gazquez,¬† and he’s from La Plata, Argentina…

But it’s not just me who thinks he’s a virtuoso! Silvio is a finalist in the
guitar Idol 2008 contest, chosen from thousands of entries!   In their words:

“A true Guitar monster along the lines of Shawn Lane, Todd Duane and similar:
unbelievable technique and genuinely different, and with his effortless command
of the instrument this guys time in the guitar limelight is surely guaranteed…”

Not only is he an amazing player, but Silvio is a great songwriter too.

Here’s a video of him playing one of his songs:

Anyway, we thought Silvio was so good  that we
decided to fly down to Argentina to make a video with him.

So, you can officially get excited now… Because we are going to have
Silvio share his amazing technique and guitar approach
with YOU!

Next week, we’ll be uploading sample clips and lessons from our hot new
DVD series called “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets”, and you can start getting some
of these monster licks and techniques under your fingers.

Stay tuned… Claude