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2 String Legato

Legato technique is essential, and contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily “easier”
just because you don’t have to pick as many notes.  The left hand actually has to work
harder to get all those hammer ons and pullofs going.  This is especially true when transversing
from one string to the next.

The following example is in the key of E minor and it uses patterns of 6 notes spanning
across 2 strings.  Try moving the same pattern to various sets of strings or transposing
it to different keys.

Dimished Arpeggios

As you will find out, arpeggios are truly one of the keys to the kingdom for
learning to play wicked sounding electric lead guitar.  For the uninitiated,
an arpeggio is simply the notes of a chord played separately.  However,
there are endless ways to use them in cool combinations.

One particular variety of chord or arpeggio is the diminished arpeggio,
which has a slightly dissonant, dark, mysterious, and quirky sound to it.

In this lesson, you’ll get a cool example of how to use diminished arpeggios
to create a nice guitar pattern.  Check it out!